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I have just been certified by the board of The American International Association of Hypnosis and can now officially work as a Past Life Regression Therapist in the US as well.
I am about to have my first Past Life Regression Group Seminar in Upstate NY!
Come and join in as this is the ultimate experience in finding out about who you were in your many past lives.
In a group of maximum 50 people, I will put you into a nice and very relaxed state of mind and then send you on a great journey through the aeons of time to the core of your soul. Together we will experience what life was like back then and explore what you are here for this time. We will try and find all the answers to your questions such as why you are who you are in this life time, why you are occasionally flipped back into old and unfamiliar times (deją- vus), why you are with or without your soulmate, why you cannot prosper financially, why you are so (un)fortunate, why you feel so strong about foreign cultures and why your life is just the way it is. Together we will discover reasons for illnesses and ill- fates, so you can start making clear changes and finally steer into a brighter future free of guilt, pain, shame and anger. You are your own healer, and once released, he can get to work and perform miracles of his own. For this purpose, come and join in.
Date:       March 13th, 2010 10am- 5pm (Lunch at 1pm)
Place:      The Perthshire Banquet House
Location:  112 Perthshire Road, Amsterdam NY
Price:       $299
Contact:    SINA MOON at  518- 857- 1700 or

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